I’m a wedding stylist and one mother-in-law told the bride she looked like a whale… her savage reply was the best

THERE are few things more exciting than going wedding dress shopping as a bride-to-be.

But one woman's experience was ruined by a rude comment from her mother-in-law telling her she looked like a "whale".

However, the bride didn't take the remark lightly, and bit back with a hilariously savage response.

The entire encounter was witnessed by a wedding stylist, who took to TikTok to recount the tale and express her admiration for the bride for not holding back with her reply.

The Canadian stylist, who goes by the account Sweet Pea and Noelle, wrote in her video: "POV – Stylist witnessing family dynamics."

Before recounting the conversation went: "Mother in law to bride – you look like a whale in that dress.

"Bride to mother in law – Well call me an orca and get your son some scuba diving gear cause he didn’t seem to mind last night."

She then added "payback is a bad bish", and danced around in delight in praise for the bridal response.

In the comments on the video, one person wrote: "We need way more people willing to stand up to in-laws. I love it!"

While another praised: "Savage and I’m here for it!"

A third person explained the tale had made her realise she wouldn't be taking her own future mother-in-law wedding dress shopping, adding: "And this is why my MIL won’t be joining me for any shopping wedding wise cause this is what she will do."

In her job, the SweetPea&Noelle stylist is privy to some pretty heavy secrets behind the scenes.

In another video on TikTok, she recalled overhearing a bridesmaid saying "she dated the groom first and ‘this could have been her’."

"And you're out of the wedding," one person commented on the video, before another added: "Two of my friends are sisters and one of them is getting married to the other’s ex in March."

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