I’m Air Fryer obsessed and even make bread in mine – it’s so easy and loads cheaper than buying loaves too | The Sun

A FOODIE influencer demonstrated how she makes bread in her air fryer and it's very cheap.

The TikToker, who posts with the handle @airfryergirluk, shared how easy it is to make bread.

The straight-forward recipe only requires a bread mix and water, making it a great budget option.

She posted a short video, with the caption: "Air fryer bread, hell yeh."

She started by buying a bag of seeded bread mix from M&S which costs £1.30.

Next she put the mix in a bowl and added water before mixing the dough.

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She kneaded the mixture until it made a firm bread dough and rolled it into a ball.

Next, the influencer, left the dough to prove under a tea towel.

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She then lightly oiled the fryer tray so that the bread wouldn't stick and shaped the dough into it.

The foodie left the dough to prove once more in the tray before cooking the bread.

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She used the "bake" mode at 200oC for 25 minutes and then turned the loaf up-side-down and backed it for another 15 minutes on 160oC.

The loaf came out looking perfect and she sliced the piping hot loaf to tuck in.

Fellow TikTokers were impressed with the video, that quickly gathered more than 450 likes.

One person said: "That looks gooooood!!"

Another said: "Delicious."

But one person said: "Just put it in the oven… you get an oven spring like a third rise and have better bread that looks flat."

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