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HANDS up if you're totally hopeless at saving money each month…

Well, you're in luck….because an accountant named Nischa has shared her top money-saving tips and revealed the 9 things people should stop buying to help with their finances.

"Cutting out these things has left me with so much money every month without having to sacrifice on my quality of life," she says, in a clip shared to TikTok.

First up, she advises people to stop purchasing the "updated version" of things such as apps or other technology.

"The rate in which new technology comes out way exceeds our actual need to replace them," she says.

"But regardless of this, we still do keep buying it.


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"I've actually found the more I have of a particular thing, the less additional happiness it gives me."

Offering an example, she explains how she was super happy when she first got the Apple watch, but notes that when she spent a few £100 to get the upgrade a year later, her happiness increased by no more than 5%.


"Maybe that 5% increase in happiness I got from getting a slightly better version just didn't correlate to the amount of money I spent on it," she explains.

Next, the accountant urges people to stop buying brand new cars.

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"If you don't have money for it, don't buy it," she says.

"The second you put your key in the ignition and drive that car out of the showroom, it loses 10% of its value."

The money-saving guru also advises people to stop wasting money on souvenirs from every trip.

"More than a waste of money, it also massively clutters up my living space," she says.

If you really want to remember a trip, Nischa instead suggests writing in a journal.

Moving on, she also argues that forking out on new books can be a waste of money.

"I keep my all-time favourite books in a hard copy on my bookshelf and then the ones that I know that I won't be reading again and again, I'll either buy on my Kindle or I'll rent it for free through my local library on an app called Libby."

And while many of us are partial to a good old bargain, Nischa warns that sale items are not always worth the bargain price tag.

"There's a difference between buying something on sale and buying something because it's on sale," she explains.

And while cut-price deals can seem a good way to save money, she notes: "They're actually just using a psychological trick to make you justify that spending in your head."

Nischa goes on to say that another common mistake people make is investing in things they don't understand.

"A lot of people put money into investments without really understanding what they're investing in it," she explains.

"And even if you do have a financial adviser, you should have a basic understanding of where your money is going.

"Whether it's ethical, whether you actually want to invest in that thing because no one will care about your money and where it's going as much as you will."

The accountant, who says she hasn't bought an item of clothing in six months, also recommends people to steer clear of fast fashion.

Speaking about how she used to shop in the likes of Forever 21, Missguided, Boohoo, she continues: "When I look at my closet today, none of those fast fashion items I bought are still in there."

Instead, she says she's more about quality of quantity.

Finally, the money-saving guru urges people to cut out "anything high maintenance," such as getting your nails or eyelashes done, and points out that this Christmas she'll also be signing a prenup, which she says is a "no unnecessary present pact."

The video has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 544k views and several comments, with many commending Nischa on her useful tips and tricks.

"Good informative content," enthused one.

A second praised: "I so much agree with actually everything you said."

A third commented: "You talk a lot of sense."

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Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Sound advice!"

And another added: "This page is incredible! So many helpful tips, thank you!"

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