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THE interior of your home can say a lot about you, so it's important to realize your vision.

An interior design expert shared the three things that are making your home appear tacky.

TikTok user Anthony, who operates the Immediato Interiors channel, shared his top three tips for elevating your home.

"You need to stop buying all your furniture and décor from one place," the interior expert advised.

He explained: "By doing this you are taking away the individuality from your space, it’s not going to look curated or customized to you."

Anthony also emphasized the importance of prioritizing your originality when it comes to artwork.

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"You also need to top buying mass-produced art. I know we’ve all seen a version of this cow print in Target, Ikea, HomeGoods," he said.

Anthony added: "Again, it comes back down to individuality and a more curated look, anyone can have this in their home."

"And lastly, you need to stop compromising and rushing through your home project," the expert told his followers.

He explained: "Your home is not going to look [finished] overnight. Don’t just settle on furniture pieces because they’re readily available."

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" If it doesn’t work for you or you don’t think it fits in your vision, wait until something better comes along," the TikToker concluded.

Anthony's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the design tips.

"A few months ago I was beating myself up that I didn’t have furniture that matched. Now I’m embracing it because of TikToks like this!" one viewer wrote.

Another user said: "Me having 100% of my things off of marketplace or vintage. I’ve got one “new” piece of furniture in my whole apartment."

"Things I rushed to buy and ended up hating for decades! Better to wait for the right piece," said a third person.

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