I'm an interior designer – Gen Z's trends are different so your decor is aging you, fairy lights and mason jars are out | The Sun

AN interior designer said your décor can give away your age.

While past generations opted for elements like mason jars and fairy lights, Gen Z is creating their own trends.

Architecture and design pro Reeves Connelly (@reevcon) said he can spot the difference between a Gen Z home and a millennial home in seconds.

When it comes to décor styles, he revealed the biggest differences between the new generation and past ones.

And if you fall victim to outdated elements, your age might be showing.

While Gen Z loves those wavy, colorfully checkered rugs, older homeowners opted for chevron patterned ones.

“And I feel like mushroom-themed décor is Gen Z’s version of the millennial pineapple,” he said in the clip, speaking about the affinity towards fruit and veggie accent pieces.

Reeves also pointed out the funky clamshells that young homeowners are now perching atop their counters – noting that we used to do the same with gold sea urchins.

“Same thing with coffee table books. Like this Tom Ford book had every millennial in a chokehold, and now Gen Z is obsessed with these colorful Assouline books.”

Your mirrors are also a dead giveaway.

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“The squiggle mirror has to be the most Gen Z coded piece of furniture there is, and I feel like the millennial version of that is these geometric hanging mirrors.”

Reeves pointed out that while both millennials and Gen Z loves animal prints, they style it differently: millennials paired it with neon, while Gen Z pairs it with pastels.

Speaking about lighting, he pointed out a slight difference in their approach.

“All the late millennials had the Tumblr fairy lights, and Gen Z has the neon strip lights. That’s the same thing in a different font.”

And finally, Reeves noted the once-beloved mason jar that is relatively nonexistent with this new generation.

“Someone needs to study the mason jar in millennial culture, they were everywhere.

“And the Gen Z equivalent are these stacked ring cups.”

One viewer pointed out an additional difference: “Millennial is cacti/succulent, Gen Z is mushroom/monstera.”

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