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THE kitchen is the heart of any home, so it's vital to get it just right, especailly if you want to sell your house down the line.

According to one interior design expert it can be very tricky not to mention pricey to fix some mistakes – so you'll want to get things right.

Melissa Klink, kitchen design expert and creative director of Harvey Jones, told Express.co.uk how homeowners can make the most out of the kitchens without breaking the bank.

Unsurprisingly, the first thing most people notice in any kitchen are the cabinets.

According to the pro, cabinets can be a big investment so opting for something that'll last for years to come is your best bet.

This means avoiding trends and bright colours and going for a neutral and timeless design – and if you can hand paint it yourself to update it over the years, even better.


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The neutral theme should carry through to your backsplashes and worktops, the pro added.

She explained: "Worktops and splashbacks that are clean, fresh and inviting have great resale value compared to those that are very busy in pattern and colour.”

Thinking about how your backsplashes, worktops and cabinets work together is a great way to create a cohesive space that feels intentional.

Another way homeowners can add value onto their home with their kitchen design is by adding a larder.

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It might not be the obvious choice, but a simple larder can provide loads of storage, which potential buyers love.

Sure, they might take up a lot of room, but if they can be made to fit any size and shaped space, making them a really winner.

Finally, it's all about layout for the design expert, who explained why functionality is so important.

 “The layout is critical and poorly designed kitchens make you work so hard and travel back and forth between a tiny space," she said.

Anything overly quirky is a big no-no, since it can make the space feel outdated quicker than other designs.

"Sometimes it can feel exciting to create a bespoke design but you don’t want to take it too far and design something that is so funky it will make a kitchen feel dated rapidly," The pro explained.

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