I'm curvy & proud but cruel trolls say I 'catfished' my Bumble date when he stood me up | The Sun

A WOMAN who was stood up by her Bumble date has hit back at cruel trolls who have accused her of 'catfishing' him.

Nicci Nunez, who is from the US, took to TikTok and shared a video revealing the colourful, figure-hugging outfit she chose to wear ahead of her first date with the man in question.

But unfortunately, on her way to the venue, she realised he'd unmatched her.

However, rather than sympathise with the curvy TikTok user, who co-hosts the Swipefat Podcast, some social media users claimed that he may not have been fully aware of her size before meeting.

In a close up at the start of the video, Nicci begins: "I was supposed to have a first date tonight and he just unmatched me on Bumble, so I guess we're not going to get drinks anymore.

"But I thought I would show you guys my outfit so somebody saw it, because I know I'll get questions."


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Zooming out of the video to reveal a full-length shot of her outfit, she then note how it's "a cute look" – adding that it's "his loss."

The post has since racked up a whopping 8.7 million views – with many taking to the comments section to suggest that the man may not have been aware of her size.

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"Holy s**t I was not expecting that," admitted one, as Nicci stepped back from the camera.

Another asked: "You look beautiful!!! Did you put a full-body shot on Bumble?

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"Not trying to be rude but I want to know why he unfollowed you. You’re gorgeous."

A further added: "Ok I didn’t expect what I saw."

In response to the comments, Nicci shared a second video where she's heard explaining: "In 2022, if a fat person wants to go out with somebody from a dating app, they have to put full body photos showing exactly what they look like.

"I got so many comments on this video asking if I was just posting selfies, What the f**k? That's not possible.

"These days, I have to take my profile to all my friends and be like, 'Is this what I look like? I want to make sure I'm accurately representing myself.'

"I'm not able to just post selfies like thin people. Hell, I even have a beach picture where my stomach's out and you see my rolls. He knew what he was getting into.

"I accurately represent myself on dating apps because I have to as a fat woman. So, if a guy scrolling through can't realise that I'm fat, he's an idiot."

She captioned the post: "I put in so much work to make sure I’m not a fatfish."

However, there were hundreds who took to the comments to compliment Nicci on both her appearance and her attitude.

"A literal goddess, his loss," enthused one.

A second praised: "You look so good!"

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Elsewhere, a third wrote: "

The amount of backhanded comments here is outrageous!! Girl you look AWESOMEEE!! Completely his loss."

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