I’m fat and happy – trolls accuse me of ‘promoting obesity’ but I don’t see the issue | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZED woman is revelling in her voluptuousness and is ignoring the haters.

In her latest video, OliviasWorld95 regards accusations that her TikTok platform is promoting unhealthy body messaging, with disdain.

Wearing a light pink, two-piece sweat suit, beautifully made-up face, and chestnut hair tumbling around her shoulders, sassy Olivia makes it clear she has zero time for her detractors.

She captions her video with: “When you’re fat and happy and people keep accusing you of promoting obesity.”

But she looks anything but bothered.

Her fan base on TikTok is huge, with a whopping 576.3k followers.

Her body-positive message is reaching many and they like what they hear and see.

Comments to her post were wowed by the plus-sized beauty.

“You’re beautiful,” said one.

Some were more forthright: “Tell them to kiss you’re a**. If they don’t like what they see, go look somewhere else. You’re awesome.”

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Big is beautiful said another: “I think big girls are sexy.”

Keep doing what you’re doing said one comment: “There will always be people claiming this regardless if it is true or not. I just ignore them and enjoy what I like.”

Finally, keep up the positive messaging: “Keep promoting body positivity. Love you girly.”

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