I'm fit in my late 50s – what worked in my 20s and 30s doesn't do the job now but my simple, free workout is great | The Sun

A FITNESS enthusiast in her 50s has revealed the low-impact exercise that helps keep her in shape.

The exercise pro uses a workout that is simple, free, and different than what she used to do when she was younger.

TikToker Cindy Bell (@cindybellwhatthefifty) offered three tips for middle-aged women who want to get healthy in a new video.

Her first suggestion was to walk.

"It’s simple, easy on your joints, it’s free, and it doesn’t cause inflammation in your body like high-intensity cardio can do," she said.

Cindy said what used to work before 50 may not work now.

"You know, when we were in our 20s and 30s, even 40s, we could do high-intensity cardio and helped us lose fat," she said.

"Well, you may have noticed that once you’re in your 40s, 50s, and 60s, it doesn’t," Cindy explained.

Cindy's second tip involves women lifting heavy weights.

"You gotta lift hard and you gotta lift heavy," she advised. 

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"You’re tearing down muscle fiber in order to build it, so it’s gonna hurt. At least, it’s gonna hurt until you get used to it," she said.

Cindy warned that it's not easy.

"If you’re looking to be comfortable, lifting weights probably isn’t for you," she said.

But there's an upside to feeling the burn.

"But I’m gonna ask you … Would you rather be comfortable or would you rather be lean and fit one the age of 50," she explained.

Her last suggestion is a "game changer," as she insisted that people over 50 should eliminate processed food and sugar.

She recalled how she once planned to take "one bite" of a donut because she doesn't eat sugar, but ended up eating the whole thing.

"I can't be moderate when it comes to donuts," Cindy explained. "It’s just not in the cards for me."

Cindy said it's not a matter of willpower.


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"It becomes an addiction," she said. "Your body gets used to it, your body craves more and more of it."

The fitness enthusiast said changing your diet is "so worth it because you are going to feel freaking amazing."

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