I’m in the best shape of my life at 60 – everyone asks what my secret is, I follow four golden rules | The Sun

AN age-defying woman has revealed how she maintains her enviable figure at 60. 

Fiona Lambert (@fionalambertofficial) has four golden rules that have kept her from getting the midlife spread and looking years younger. 

She encourages women to stay active and eat a nutritious diet in regular workout posts on TikTok.

The exercise enthusiast took to the social media platform to reveal the biggest secrets behind her ageless appearance.

Fiona said: “I do two one-hour sessions with my personal trainer and I do four 15-minute HIIT [high-intensity interval training] sessions at home.

“The big secret is that’s only three hours. 

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“There’s another 109 hours that I’m awake and it’s what I do with those hours which is drink two liters of water.

“I walk 10,000 steps a day and make sure I try and eat a diet that’s high in lean protein and low in carb.

“All those things make the biggest difference.”

Fiona beamed as she explained why she got serious about living a healthy lifestyle when she turned 60. 

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She said: “I wanted to see 60 not as the end of something but as the beginning of something.

“So many people think you’re going to get tired and you’ll be less relevant.

“I wanted to fill my life with energy and to feel really passionate about everything going forward.

“I wanted to prove that 60 is just the start of something amazing.”

Viewers gushed over Fiona’s youthful appearance and shared how they’ve also been focusing on their own fitness.

One person wrote: “Very inspiring and you look fab!”

Another commented: “Yes, I’m 65 and started three years ago. Gym, running, eating healthy. Good on ya!!”

A third said: “Positive mindset and exercise… the unknown secret to a healthy future!”

A fourth added: “You look great, and I’m 64 next month!”

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