I’m in the no bra club – I hate lingerie but I’ve got a way to avoid them for $18, people want to see it from the back | The Sun

INFLUENCERS have taken to social media to say they really hate wearing a bra.

Some claim the lingerie is an “inconvenience” while others feel their boobs are not big enough to warrant a supportive undergarment.

TikToker Annie is among the women who are part of the so-called "no bra club."

And, she has revealed how she manages to avoid having to wear an undergarment.

Annie told viewers in a viral clip that she bought a bralette from the Washington fashion boutique My Pampered Life Seattle.

She revealed that the lingerie cost her $18.

The fashionista turned the patterned bralette into a top that she paired with denim shorts.

Annie revealed it means that she does not have to wear the undergarment.

She teased her new attire in a clip that lasted just six seconds, leaving fans thirsty for more.

One fan said her outfit looked “cute” before asking “What does it look like from the back?”

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Viewers took to social media to say that Annie looked “cute” and “stunning” as she showcased the bralette.

But, skeptics didn't seem to be totally impressed, with some claiming that they had been wearing bralettes as tops for more than 20 years.

Those who choose not to wear the undergarment have proudly declared that they’re a member of a no-bra club.

A TikToker, from Florida, was seen wearing a t-shirt with the words “no bra club” on it as she cleaned motorcycles.

Bra-wearing seems to have become a contentious issue on apps such as TikTok.

A woman, from Australia, said: “I f**king love not wearing a bra.”

She told fans in a video that she feels she doesn’t have to wear the lingerie when she’s out in public as her boobs are too small.

Another influencer, known as Madds, has said that she wouldn’t wear a bra at all costs.

She revealed that she has been going braless for three years as she finds them un

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TikTokers have also claimed that members of the public have come up to them and said that it’s “inappropriate” not to wear a bra.

But lifestyle influencer Chiara King didn’t seem to be fazed by the criticism from haters as she raged: “Nobody cares what you think.”

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