I'm not good at remembering to put on sunscreen – my sunburn hack is better than aloe vera, it worked overnight | The Sun

A WOMAN who suffered terrible blistering after a day out boating has shared her sunburn hack.

She admitted she wasn't good at putting sunscreen on, but swore her tip worked overnight, and that it was better than aloe vera.

There was a sense of relief in C Karnow's (@ckarnow) voice when she shared her worrying experience.

“If you live in Florida or you’re just not good with remembering to put on sunscreen or just want a great life hack, y’all need to listen to this," she implored her viewers.

Aloe vera is a popular go-to product to help soothe sunburn, but this young lady begged differently.

“I'm not lying, skip the aloe, I’ve done it," she said.

She was in the full sunshine for a whole day and had suffered the effects of so much exposure.

“So I was on a boat from 11 am to 5 pm UV maximum 9, maximum 10 and I didn’t wear an ounce of sunscreen," she admitted.

“But I went home that day and I could feel the sunburn setting in."

It frightened her: “I was scared. It was miserable. I woke up the next morning and my face literally hurt to move."

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The effects of so much sun started to reveal itself: “My face started blistering. Okay, so I’ve had this happen before multiple times. Very sad but one time in particular vividly scarred me for life.

“And I remember it taking like a whole week."

But not this time because she chose another way of treating it.

“Anyway, the next morning I put on Aquaphor all over my face, completely saturated.

“Went to work and came home that night and I knew it was going to blister."

She reapplied Aquaphor to her face again all day. Having suffered sunburn before, she was prepared for the whole process to take a week.

But this time it was different, thanks to Aquaphor.

“I woke up this morning after putting this on for two days. My skin was blistering yesterday and now, there are no blisters."

She was astonished: "There’s nothing. The blisters have completely disappeared.

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