I’m not sure I love my son, or even like him and am considering giving him up – motherhood is not what I expected

A WOMAN has revealed her struggle with motherhood and admits she's considering "giving up" her son for good.

Now with a two-year-old toddler, the desperate mum said she'd thought she'd "have it together" by now but feels that she no longer loves her son.

Sharing her thoughts on Mumsnet, the woman explained that she thought she'd be a "picture-perfect mum."

But two years on, she's "so far from that" and she's "not enjoying life right now."

"I’m starting to even question if I love my son, because surely a mother that loves her children does not feel like this towards them," she wrote.


"My days feel stressful and rushed. Nothing seems calm and I feel like I’m just not enjoying my life right now."

She explained that she works four days a week and barely has time for herself.

What's more, her son still doesn't sleep through the which means she gets three, sometimes four hours of sleep herself making her day to day a struggle.

She explained that she "can’t seem to get five minutes" to herself her son always wants to be around her and if she doesn't "attend his needs immediately" he throws tantrums.

But whenever he "screams and cries" after her she'll just walk away rather than try to soothe him.

What's more, she often fights the urge to "scream back at him" and admits that she's had days where "I feel like don’t like him very much."

The worst part is that she feels her son is only like this with her and not with his father, so she thinks it's best that she leaves for good and visit him occasionally.

"I’ve given it some thought and think it could be better for both of us if he was to live with his Dad and I leave," she wrote.

"I think a few times a week spending time with [him] will be better than him having to live with me the way I feel."

Many mums commented on the post in support of the woman and suggested she seek help for her low mood.

I’m starting to even question if I love my son, because surely a mother that loves her children does not feel like this towards them.

Few suggested discussing it with her son's dad to see if he can take on more responsibility which might make it easier on her.

"Have you spoken to your dp [dear partner] about how you feel? You work quite long hours and are sleep deprived – no wonder you’re struggling!" one said.

"Why not look at having some time off work initially, it sounds like you’re really suffering from stress, and having time at home may help."

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