I’m pregnant with my 12th baby, I’m sick of people presuming they all have different dads – it's no one's business

MUM-OF-ELEVEN Britni Church has spent almost ten years being pregnant, she goes through 600 nappies a week, and she’s currently pregnant with baby number twelve. 

The 32-year-old mum had her first baby at 16 and her youngest kids are triplets, who were born in 2019.

In a recent video posted on Tiktok, the mum explained how many dads her kids have.

She said that her husband Chris was the biological father of her six youngest children: Silas, Christopher, Oliver, Asher, and Abel. 

The oldest kids, Crizman, Jordan, Cadence, Kayla, and Jace, have a different biological dad. 

Jesalyn has a different biological dad from her siblings. 

The mum emphasised that even if her children had twelve different biological fathers, she would feel just as lucky to have them in her life.

“Twelve kids, three dads. But if there were twelve dads, that doesn’t mean I’d be any less blessed”, she said. 

Britni stressed in her recent video that although her children may not share the same father in a biological sense, her husband Chris is a dad to all of them.

She said: “My husband treats all of them as his own, he doesn’t treat his own biological children any differently than he does the other kids.

“He thinks of them all the same.”

The mum did point out the hilarious age gap between her husband and her oldest daughter.

Though Britni first became a mum just six days after her 16th birthday, her husband was only 12 when her first daughter was born. 

She also says that there is a bigger age gap between her oldest daughter and her incoming baby, who is due in July, than there is between herself and her oldest daughter.

The smallest age difference between her kids, she says, is between Caleb and Jace.

She says: “Caleb wasn’t even one when Jace was born, he turned one two days later.”

The family are hugely popular on Tiktok, where they have 1.7 million followers.


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