I'm tired of wearing a bra and think we should 'free the tatas' – I doubt anyone's going to complain | The Sun

A YOUNG woman's decision to ditch her bra has been applauded by her followers.

There was a huge reaction to her post.

Over 248,000 fans supported her decision, giving her a great big thumbs up.

Sassy Kokorainn's (@kokorainn) TikTok is already enormously popular with a following of 322,000.

Her posts are often funny and she doesn't take herself too seriously.

But her resolve to stop wearing a bra was very sincere in one of her posts.

Kokorainn is part of a new generation of women questioning the need for breast support all of the time.

The term, 'bra burning' was coined in the 1960s.

It symbolized what many considered to be one of the tools of female oppression.

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Kokorainn and her ilk have started to pay little attention to societal constraints.

Kokorainn wore a brightly-colored tie-dye shirt and spoke to her fans of her intention.

“Not wearing a bra today because I’m tired of feeling like I have to," she said.

“Plus I doubt anybody’s really gonna complain," she figured.

Feeling motivated, she was strident in her assertion.

“And yea, I just feel like I have to wear one 24/7 because of what society wants when I really don’t."

She rounded off her post with a rallying call: “So yeah, free the tatas, free, em," she insisted.

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