I’m trolled for spending £13k on teeth – they don’t even realise I’ve had a freckle removal, filler & a hair transplant | The Sun

AN AUSSIE beauty lover has been trolled for spending a fortune on a new set of pearly whites in Turkey.

Turkey Teeth have become all the rage recently, with beauty lovers flying abroad to get sparkling white veneers.

Although the results are not always favourable and come with a high risk, as Lisa Martin, from Ireland, learnt the hard way, the fails haven't proven to be enough to stop some.

Amongst those desperate for a new set of pearly whites was an Aussie bloke who posts under the username PlasticBotchedBoy.

According to his TikTok page, he flew to Turkey where he was willing to fork out £13k for bright veneers, which he now jokingly refers to as his ''tictacs''.

Sharing the journey of his grand makeover, PlasticBotchedBoy also uploaded footage of the process – first, with his natural teeth drilled down to extreme levels and then the final result.

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But whilst the Aussie might be trolled for having spent that much on something they were convinced he would regret later, this is not the only procedure he's had.

So far, as he revealed in a video, the beauty lover has forked out more than a whopping £32k for a complete face makeover.

As well as having veneers, the bloke's undergone a hair transplant – another reason why he had visited Turkey.

''turkey adventure continues,'' he captioned the video of him pouting and posing to a camera with his bald head covered in bandage.

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Next up in his list of the expensive makeover, was removing freckles with a laser treatment.

''2 weeks and they'll all fall off,'' he said whilst describing himself looking as ''red as a tomato'' after the procedure.

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To top it off, it also appears that he's had his nose done, lips plumped with filler and cheekbones given a more snatched and defined look.

However, although his did claim that the work was yet to be finished and he was certainly not done with giving his face a new appearance, people were shocked and said they felt ''sorry'' for him.

One warned: ''sometimes you gotta think about the long term consequences.''

Seeing his Before and After, someone else commented: ''i wish you had a time machine.''

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A third wrote: ''why do people pay money to make themselves look a mess like just get some filler removed.''

Nonetheless, despite what many said, there were also those who reminded that it was his body – and his choice.

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