Inside Kate Middleton’s inseparable bond with Charles – from calling him Pa to their cheeky private jokes

KATE Middleton and Prince Charles typically behave very formally on public engagements so their affectionate behaviour at recent outings may come as a surprise.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, and father-in-law Charles, 72, appear to have a very close bond, from her calling him “pa” to enjoying cheeky private jokes. 

Last night, Kate and Charles hugged as they arrived at the James Bond No Time To Die at the Royal Albert Hall in London, with the Duchess kissing the future heir on the cheek. 

In a rare joint engagement, Charles, Camilla, William and Kate stepped out onto the red carpet to meet 007 star Daniel Craig and other Bond cast members.

Judi said of their embrace: “Here we can see a very confident and fond-looking Kate instigating the greeting ritual that includes a cheek kiss where she holds his shoulders and he clasps his arm. 

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“The eye gaze and smile from Kate at close quarters offers some rather flattering attention here, too.

“This has been growing into a very close and rather tight relationship in terms of Charles’s habit of appearing to single Kate out for attention and shared laughter while Camilla and William will often retreat to watch.”

Here, Fabulous looks at Kate and Charles’s tight-knit relationship over the years…

Helped to heal Charles and William’s relationship

Kate helped heal Prince William's supposed rocky relationship with his dad by organising a portrait for Prince Charles' 70th birthday, it has been reported.

Kate is said to have got the Royal family together for the milestone photo shoot in 2018 – in spite of hurdles like Harry and Wills' fallout at the time.

The Duchess of Cambridge helped make the occasion happen and made sure her kids were all smiles for the camera, the Daily Mail reports.

Shares private jokes

The pair are often seen laughing together at public events and seem comfortable in each other’s company.

One example is when they made each other laugh at a Commonwealth Observance event at Westminster Abbey in 2015.

Encourages family visits

Kate has also encouraged Charles to visit their home, Anmer Hall, and last summer reportedly made sure her family was back in time from their holiday to the Isles of Scilly to coincide with Charles’s stay.

The mum-of-three is said to have made sure "Grandpa" could give his birthday presents to George.

She also took an intimate picture of Charles resting his head on her husband's shoulder during a countryside walk last winter – a photograph released by Clarence House for William’s birthday last June.


Charles is also said to have spent time with the Cambridges on country walks, when at Sandringham for estate business.

Together they share a love of the outdoors, and Charles and William are said to enjoy identifying wild birds to Wills' kids.

But until now, it is understood the father and son have had their difficulties.

Calls him ‘Pa’

He may be the Prince of Wales and the future king of England to us regular folk, but it seems Prince Charles is just 'grandpa' to his daughter-in-law Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge appeared to have used the moniker for her father-in-law during a meeting at the G7 summit, according to a lip reader.

Upon arriving, the duchess greeted her father-in-law, and a lip reader told CornwallLive that she said: "Hello Grandpa, how are you?"

Tender moment at Prince Philip’s funeral

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles shared a touching moment as they left Prince Philip's funeral in April.

Pictures have emerged showing Kate kissing the Prince of Wales on the cheek – just moments after he laid his father to rest.

Trying her best to console him, the photographs show Kate putting a loving hand around Prince Charles' shoulder.

She then gives him a quick kiss on the cheek before they all parted ways and left the chapel.

He welcomed her into the family

Charles is said to have welcomed Kate into the family after William announced they were encouraged. 

Kate said Charles had been "very, very welcoming and very friendly" to her, while her father-in-law  said he was "thrilled" and "delighted" about the news.

Kate said in her engagement interview that she was “quite nervous about meeting William's father,” but added that “it couldn't have gone easier, really for me."

Prince William and Kate Middleton tucked into a pub lunch with George, Louis and Charlotte.

And Kate’s nanny is banned from saying an innocent word in front of George, Charlotte and Louis.

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