Inside Meghan Markle's Santa Barbara living room where she burns £47 candles and keeps a stack of VERY woke books

MEGHAN Markle stunned fans with a surprise appearance on the season finale of America’s Got Talent to support singer Archie Williams.

The Duchess of Sussex recorded a supportive message for the contestant who was previously wrongly-incarcerated for over 37 years, from her £14 million Santa Barbara mansion.

And royal fans were given an eye-opening glimpse into Meghan’s home with the 39-year-old’s personal effects on clear display in the background.

From feminist books to very pricey candles, we take a look a look at some of Meg’s treasured possesions.

1 Statement artwork

Hanging on the wall behind the Duchess is a trio of canvases each featuring what appears to be an illustration of a nest.

In Feng Shui images of a nest are said to represent stability and family, something that the Sussexes are striving for in their new Californian home.

2 Diptyque candle

Sitting on the shelf behind Meghan is a £47 Tubéreuse candle from luxury perfumer Diptyque.

According to Net-a-Porter the candle “will envelope your living space with a heady floral fragrance.”

It is also listed as the “perfect new home gift” and it may have been just that given the couple’s recent move.

3 Vase of green hydrangeas

Peonies are said to be the Duchess’ favourite flower but she made a bold statement with her green hydrangeas in the background of her Zoom call.

Hydrangeas are believed to symbolise appreciation and heartfelt emotion, so may well have been a gift from Prince Harry.

4 Cream sofa

While she might be a new mum with several pooches to contend with, Meghan is not willing to compromise on style, bravely opting for a cream coloured sofa.

Similarly Meghan surprised fans when she chose to wear white when she first introduced Archie to the public.

5 Rustic pillar candles

Sat on some shabby chic candlesticks are some rustic pillar candles.

While unscented they help to bring a cosy atmosphere to larger rooms, such as those in the mansion of Meghan and Harry.

6 Scatter cushions

Meghan adds some personality to her simple sofa with the use of several scatter cushions.

And rather than opting for a matching set the Duchess has teamed mis-matched designs together.

7 Marc Hom – Profiles

Another photography book owned by the Sussex’s is Marc Hom’s Profiles.

Describing his book, Hom says: “My new book, "Profiles," is a collection of portraits taken over the last six to eight years, including exceptional profiles of creatives in the arts and cinema, plus meaningful images of family and friends.

“The images originate from editorial assignments and personal sittings, and are a reflection on my fascination with the person and their innate beauty and character.”

8 The Black Godfather: The Clarence Avant Story

Originally a Netflix documentary, Meghan has managed to get hold of the accompanying book for The Black Godfather.

It follows the story of the American music executive Clarence Avant through interviews from those who knew and worked with him including Pharell Williams.

While the documentary is available to anyone with a Netflix account the book is a little harder to come by with one copy currently available on Amazon for $485 (£380).

9 Shabby-chic bowls

Inkeeping with the rustic interior Meg has piled up a selection of rustic bowls.

While they may seem a bit old and chipped this is a deliberate design choice from the Duchess who appears to be carrying the shabby-chic vibe throughout her home.

10 A Photographer’s Life by Annie Leibovitz

At the bottom of the stack is Annie Leibovitz book, A Photographer’s Life, again a pricier coffee table book, priced at £125.98 on Amazon.

Leibovitz has photographed the royal family on many occasions including the Queen on her 90th birthday and Princess Diana with her young sons.

11 Women: The National Geographic Collection

Meg is a proud feminist so it’s no surprise to see her celebrating women in her book collection.

Women: The National Geographic Collection is a collection of powerful female portraits drawn from the National Geographic magazine archives.

Women featured include Prince Harry’s close acquaintance and primatologist Jane Goodall as well as Meghan’s close personal friend Oprah Winfrey.

12 Humans of New York

On the very top of the right stack of books sits the tome Humans of New York.

The book is a collection of portraits of residents of the city taken by photographer Brandon Stanton who began the project back in 2010 in the hope to create a “photographic census of the city.”

The images are accompanied by quotes, anecdotes and stories from each of the individuals.

13 Wood & Iron: Industrial Interiors

Meghan makes her design taste very clear with this book by Macarena Abascal.

The book “is intended as a source of inspiration and guidance for those making their foray into the world of industrial style, presenting the most influential names in the genre, anonymous pieces salvaged from junk shops and carefully selected interior design projects.”

Harry & Meghan give fans a peek of their garden

The couple appeared in a video for Time 100 where they encouraged US citizens to vote.

They told voters to "reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity" while Meghan called the presidential race the "most important election of our lifetime."

The message was recorded in the garden of the couple's £14 million Santa Barbara home.

The pair were seated on a wooden bench on the perfectly manicured lawn of their Californian home.

The garden is also thought to include a pergola, swimming pool, tennis courts and a play area for Archie with the land spanning 7.38 acres.

In other royal news, Prince Harry "reevaluated his royal life" after being left out of the Queen's Christmas speech.

And Meghan Markle & Prince Harry would’ve ‘reached beneficial’ Megxit deal if they’d been more ‘dignified’, an insider has claimed.

Meanwhile Kate Middleton’s famous see-through dress was actually a SKIRT she ‘yanked up’ to show off her figure.

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