I've been cheating on my husband for 10 years and have zero regrets – it makes my marriage work | The Sun

A WIFE who has been having a secret affair for a decade reckons it's the key to a happy marriage with her unsuspecting husband

Gilly, 47, from Inverness, has been hitched for 21 years and happily recommends cheating to other women who want their relationships to last.

She pretends to stay at work longer and plans imaginary business trips to ensure she meets her lover for steamy romps.

But she has no intention of coming clean about her double life and has instead inspired some of her friends to do the dirty on their partners as well.

Gilly says: "I didn’t set out for the long haul. Me just being me… a bit adventurous, I thought I’d give it a go.

"My husband wasn’t fulfilling me sexually and I did at the time feel like it was causing arguments because I felt like I was pressuring him for sex.

"No one wants to feel like sex is a chore, it’s completely the opposite of what it should be, fun.

"I think it’s unrealistic to expect one person to be able to fulfil and meet every single need you have. Sex, conversation, stability, security.

"Letting yourself love multiple people I think helps you appreciate them even more. Because you’re focussing on what they add to you, not what they lack.

"For me, my lover fulfils my side of adventure and I’m a really sexual person, I need that passion, that naughtiness to feel alive.

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"Whereas my husband gives my stability and security, he’s who I’d trust with my life.

"Our marriage runs pretty perfectly considering we’ve been together for so long. I really enjoy spending quality time with my husband rather than the grind of daily life.

"When you live with someone 24/7 you can become stuck in a rut, watching TV all night, barely talking. I don’t feel like we’re like that and he's certainly not had any complaints.

"I’ve been with the same lover for about seven years now. I’ve met them all through IllicitEncounters.com. He also has a wife he loves so we’re in the same boat, and understand and respect each other's boundaries.

"The passion is still there after all these years. Maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder. We meet up for sex when we can and it’s always a thrill.

"Sometimes it’s naughty in public places, and others it’s in our houses or hotels, but it’s always passionate. But we also meet up like any other couple for dates, it’s like a completely normal relationship without the annoying bits."

Since it has worked so well with her own marriage, Gilly thinks more women should take a page out of her book.

She adds: "It feels like a bit of a taboo for women taking control of their sex lives but I’d honestly recommend women to do it more. Do something for yourself ladies.

"My family don’t know. Again I just don’t see a need to tell them. My friends on the other hand, I’ve told my closest and a couple of them have actually followed suit and are doing the same… so they fully support me in that area."

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