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A SELF-STYLED Barbie doll started her body transformation at 14-years-old with the help of her NAN.

Instagram model Nel Peralta is now living out her plastic-fantastic dream and has spent over £50K on surgery.

On the 35-year-old’s cosmetic checklist is lip fillers, facial fillers, Botox, boob jobs, a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and three rounds of liposuction.

Her less invasive treatments include skin tightening on the neck, fat freezing, lymphatic drainage across the whole body and facials. 

Nel’s curves are part of her identity and have been since she started wearing a waist trainer at age 14. 

Her nan introduced her to the device, which acts as a corset to cinch your waist in and is marketed to give long-term results – though this is disputed.

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As Nel got older, her attention turned to more permanent alterations.

The influencer from New York, US said on Truly: “As a teenager, my idea of beauty was looking like a Barbie. 

“To achieve the goal that I wanted, I did a couple of procedures, a couple of surgeries.

“I was about 22-years-old when I got my first surgery. 

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“I was very excited, I was not scared at all.”

Nel was warned by her first surgeon that she shouldn’t get her boobs too big on the first go because over time they will drop.

Her response was: “I don’t give a f**k.”

However, repeated surgeries do not come without risk and Nel was thrust into a depressive episode after a botched boob lift some years after her first augmentation. 

She explained: “In my late twenties, I noticed that they started dropping. 

“I went to a doctor and he did a breast lift, but within days I started scarring so bad.

“It was so disgusting. That really lead me to depression… the hardest two years of my life.”

Infection in the wounds could have cost Nel her life.

Her botched experience didn’t ruin her love for going under the knife and she hopes to have a fourth round of liposuction and another BBL to further exaggerate her hourglass figure.

Nel said: “I’ve been botched before but that is not going to stop me from getting plastic surgery.

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“I’m used to what people have to say.

“What is there not to love about plastic surgery?”

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