I've got barely any cleavage so was stunned after getting measured at Victoria's Secret – no wonder my bras don't fit | The Sun

SHE was fed up of her bras never fitting, so decided to go and get professionally measured.

But Victoria was left stunned when she went to Victoria's Secret, and was told she was a 32D.

"This is your sign to go get your bra size measured," she wrote over a TikTok video of herself being measured.

"Turns out I'm a 32D and NOT a 32A like I had thought my whole entire life."

"Wish I did this sooner so I didn't have to waste so much money on the wrong size for years," Victoria captioned her video.

People raced to the comments to have their say, with one person writing: "Babe, I'm so sorry but you are not a 32D."

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"Ain’t no freaking way," another insisted.

As a third added: "VS just picks random letters and numbers at this point.

"I don't know where the hell they pull their sizing from!"

Victoria then shared another video in response to all the comments, as she said: "I know I have itty bitty t**ties, okay? Everybody was saying that the way Victoria's Secret measures your bra size is totally inaccurate, so I got myself a measuring tape and I'm going to try and measure them myself."

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She then measured herself as a 32C, which she said she still felt wasn't right.

"In all fairness, the associate said I was a 34B initially," Victoria explained.

"So right off the bat, she didn't say I was a D cup. But when I went to the fitting room to try on a 34B, it was just way too tight and was not flattering.

"Like there was gapping, and my arm fat wasn't cute.

"So then the fitting room associate gave me a 32C to try because they're sister sizes.

"It was still a little bit tight and it just wasn't flattering

"So I went one more size up to a 32D – there was no gapping and my back fat wasn't being squished.

"That's how I landed on a 32D."

People then commented on that video, with one writing: "Try the abrathatfits calculator!

"I think you are actually a 32D or close to it – you need to take a leaning bust measurement."

"Boobs can be sat different," another added.

"So 2 people with 32Ds have different boobs!

"People wildly underestimate their boob size!"

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As a third wrote: "I'm a 32D and my yiddies are HEAVY but know other girls that are D that are smaller.

"Honestly bra sizes are a mystery – just wear whatever size is comfy!"

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