Judgy, conservative Karens s**t-shame me and give me dirty looks for how I'm dressed – it's not my fault they're ugly | The Sun

A STYLISH young woman has hit back at judgmental Karens for s**t-shaming her.

She's had enough of the Karens' conservative attitudes and the way they look in her direction.

TikToker Mikaela Tabaranza's (@mikdussy) fashion choices have not impressed her neighbors and have instead drawn dirty looks from them.

But these style censorship attempts have had no impact on Mikaela.

That's not to say these fault-finding critics don't occasionally get to her, though.

In her post, she had reached a boiling point.

She looked stylish in her short white skirt and matching bandeau top, over which she layered a floaty pink patterned blouse.

She threw on a pair of shades with a touch of defiance at the end of her video.

“When I live in an area full of judgy, conservative Karens," she said.

“So I either get dirty looks or s**t-shaming comments for how I’m dressed every time I go out.”

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Strident Mikaela had something to say to her Karen detractors — and she certainly wasn't going to change for them.

“It’s not my fault you’re ugly with saggy t*tties," she snapped.

Commenters told her to just ignore the critics, with one writing that it was simply “the cons of living in the suburbs."

“I think you look amazing and the Karens are jealous that they didn’t live their youth like you," said another viewer.

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