Kate Middletons stylist uses affordable product for glossy look

Hairdresser reveals how to get hair like Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton’s hair always looks perfectly styled, whether she’s attending official engagements or looking after her three children. The Princess of Wales’ styles and looks are often the envy of many, with people desperate to know her beauty secrets.

In 2018 her go-to stylist Amanda Cook Tyler revealed some of the Princess’ favourite products to use. The hairstylist posted an image on her Instagram of the supplies she had brought with her on a trip with Kate, which showed that she used the L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray.

This was seen as somewhat of a royal faux pas to share Kate’s tricks in public and the stylist soon deleted the Instagram account, according to Woman and Home.

The hairspray is incredibly popular and used by the finest stylists. It is perfect for Kate, whose days are varied with many engagements, as it protects your style against the effects of humidity and gives up to 24 hours of extra strong hold.

It also disappears at the stroke of a brush leaving hair feeling clean and ready to restyle without needing to wash it. Fortunately for those looking to replicate Kate’s look, the high-street hair brand is very affordable.

Shoppers can buy the product from high street supermarkets such as Waitrose for just £4.

The Princess does not just rely on the hairspray though, as when she wears her hair in an elegant updo she uses a simple hair net to ensure the look stays in place.

The inexpensive hair accessory is the ideal tool to keep a neat royal bun looking fresh all evening. At first glance, most people would not even notice that someone was wearing a hair net as it is so discreet and subtle.

Kate is renowned for her hair always shining, glossy and full of volume.

Kathleen Rogerson, the Scientific Director of Glaze hair products, previously spoke to Express.co.uk about how to achieve the Princess’ glossy curls.

She spoke about how their product, Glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss, will make people’s hair look like Kate Middleton’s.

Kathleen noted: “It’s a semi-permanent colour conditioning gloss that is packed with super glossy shine ingredients.

“It deposits a natural tint to enhance your hair colour, tames fly-aways and leaves your hair feeling silky soft, healthier and more conditioned – all in one use.

“The Super Gloss is a multi-tasking hair gloss for that just-stepped-out-of-the-salon, regal glossy look.

“To recreate Kate Middleton’s signature glossy brunette, try the Glaze Super Gloss in Chocolate Gleam or Blazing Brown to warm up any brunette and emulate her beautiful chestnut tones.

“It’s also available in transparent for those looking for that regal glossy shine without the colour.

“It includes nine natural shades from blonde to black to enhance any shade.”

How does Kate Middleton’s hair always stay so glossy when out on royal engagements?

Kathleen said: “We believe the Princess of Wales’ hair has always had the glossy, vibrant, healthy mark of a salon hair gloss.

“Her hairstylists probably use a professional hair gloss treatment that has been available in salons for some time, but hair glosses for everyone to use at home haven’t been widely available.

“This is what inspired the team at Glaze to launch the Super Gloss so that everyone could enjoy salon standard, super glossy, vibrant hair without the salon price tag.”

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