Kim Kardashian Gets This Skin-Tightening Treatment to Keep Her Face Flawless

Tightening up! Kim Kardashian shared an Instagram Story of herself enjoying a spa day at the Dr. Deepak Dugar and Dr. Raj Kanodia clinic in Beverly Hills earlier this month and naturally, we were intrigued. Stylish sat down with Dr. Dugar of the medispa on Thursday, May 2, to find out all the details on how the 38-year-old keeps her skin looking so picture perfect and what her relaxing facial treatment entailed.

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The treatment the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star received: The Elixius Ultra 360, which is described as a 360 degree laser that can target every problem area from the face to the body and tightens the skin as it simultaneously kills unwanted body fat.

The best part? You won’t have any pain or downtime, but can expect to see results immediately. 

“Exilis feels like a hot stone massage on steroids. It’s the ultimate tool for skin tightening as it is penetrating through the skin into the subdermal layers heating up all the layers of skin along the way. It doesn’t hurt but it feels extremely warm and even hot at times,” Dr. Dugar explains.

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“We treat a lot of celebrities and people who are on the go and are constantly wanting improvement without downtime,” he tells Stylish. “After one session of Exilis Ultra, you can feel a tightening of the skin immediately and can see results instantly,” he dishes.

But to maintain long term results, Dr. Dugar suggests receiving 6 to 8 sessions depending on the area you’re treating. And in between appointments? He says to keep a good skincare regimen including SPF protection, eat well, drink lots of water, and use micronized retinols on skin one to two times a week to help resurface and tighten the top layer of the skin.

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“I think celebrities like Kim Kardashian West want the world’s best care for their skin, face and bodies and they are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve their goals. It’s a commitment you have to make if you want to achieve the desired results. It’s like going to the gym — one workout won’t change your body, but consistency over time absolutely will,” he reveals.

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