Kylie Jenner and other stars wear bikini tops wrong way round to boost their boob size

CLOCKING my cleavage in the mirror I couldn’t believe I looked this “knockout” simply by turning my bikini upside down.

Yes, you read that right, I’ve started wearing my bikini the wrong way up — the sizzling swimwear trend is sweeping social media.

The upside-down bikini involves tying a teeny-weeny string one the wrong way and has been dubbed an “instant boob job”, with experts believing the trick could increase your cup size by two to three sizes.

I can see why. The “reverse” version gives a dangerous dose of cleavage — and underboob. Kylie Jenner, 23, Kim Kardashian, 40, Megan Thee Stallion, 26, and some of my fellow Love Islanders are obsessed. I’ve had my assets surgically enhanced in the past but this clever hack gave me an instant lift without going under the knife.

What’s more, this trend focuses on reusing what you have — bringing a whole new meaning to “upcycling”. Sustainability is increasingly important among brands and consumers, so this was the perfect way to modernise the traditional bikini — and it’s accessible to everyone — not just celebs.

Model Valentina Fradegrada, 30, unveiled the look three years ago. Influencers and celebs soon followed suit and flooded the ’gram with their own creations.

I came across it when Kendall Jenner rocked the look. She looked phenomenal — her chest looked so busty and full. At first I wondered if she’d had some work done.

It wasn’t just their bra size that received a boost — their confidence rocketed too.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed her bikini was tied in a different way — was she wearing it upside-down? Women of all shapes and sizes were soon trying it out and looking absolutely stunning in the process.

What’s not to love?

But it wasn’t just their bra size that received a boost — their confidence rocketed too. The fashion hack was giving women from all backgrounds an instant boob job. Not bad for a bit of fabric reshuffling.

What’s more, as breast implant surgery costs up to £8,000 in the UK, turning your bikini upside-down is a safer, cheaper and easier option. What’s not to love? And it could not have come at a better time.

With so many struggling financially during the pandemic, not everyone can afford a new bikini. So now cash-strapped fashion fans can refresh their wardrobes in a new way — and you can use old bikinis you have outgrown as, when it comes to this look, the smaller the better.

Of course it has its draw-backs, or should that be tiebacks — as it’s not the most practical of swimwear. One time, I was rocking the look at home when my doorbell went. I opened the door to see my best friend there.

Laughing, she said,: “Does your nipple always greet guests at the door?” I looked down and one of my nipples had slipped out. “Oh dear,” I replied, giggling. “At least it’s you and not the postman!”

Now major brands like Pretty Little Thing and Missguided sell upside-down bikinis. But you don’t have to splash out, most of your bikini tops will work with a little imagination. Either way, the daring look is guaranteed to make you a knockout.


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‘This is nonsense’

By Clemmie Fieldsend

THE pandemic has turned the world upside down – and even our beloved bikinis aren’t safe.

The daring trend may have been hailed as creative by some but I’m not convinced. What’s next ladies, trousers as arm warmers?

I’m all for being resourceful and getting the most out of our clothes. For example you can wear a sarong umpteen ways and this works.

But flipping your swimmers is plain daft and looks like you’ve got dressed in the dark.

Plus, brands such as Boohoo and ASOS are pulling the nylon over our eyes (maybe that is next, bikini sunglasses) and making their own upside-down bikinis, meaning you’re shelling out for a swimsuit you already own.

Leave the designing to the professionals. But I have a sinking feeling A-listers won’t.

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