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IT’S a cleaning fan’s eternal dilemma – how do you remove streaks from a mirror or window? 

Now, one pro has come to the rescue after discovering how a concoction of common household items can do just the trick.

Babs, who describes herself as “the internet mum and grandma you didn’t need”, regularly dishes out tips and hacks on everything from how to cook certain dishes to cleaning advice. 

And most recently her three million followers were treated to how they can ensure their mirrors are left gleaming.

In a new video posted to Instagram profile @brunchwithbabs, Babs explained how she was enjoying a spot of spring cleaning.

And she decided it was time to let everyone in on the secret ingredients she uses that are probably lying in your kitchen cupboard.

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Babs began: “Last day of spring cleaning with Babs! My great aunt would clean her windows with club soda. I’m using my window cleaner.”  

The footage then cuts to the bathroom, as Babs made up her magic potion, revealing how much of each ingredient you need for her DIY cleaning product.

She continued: “To two cups of distilled water, we’re adding a cup of white vinegar, quarter cup of alcohol.

“Give it a shake and you’re ready to go,” she added as she applied her tried and tested solution to the mirrors. 

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Babs then showed how she also relies on other common products to ensure her windows are similarly streak-free.

She asked: “What does an old T-shirt, coffee filters and a newspaper have in common?

“Last day of spring cleaning with Babs – we’re doing the windows.”

First, Babs encouraged people to “only wash windows on a cloudy day” so you can see them properly. 

And secondly, she told them to rub a coffee filter over the window pane, before going over it with a newspaper or an old T-shirt.


The results? Amazingly clean windows that your neighbours will be jealous of.

But this hack isn’t just for inside your home – it can also be applied to your car windows, or even your shed.

And people lapped up the idea, taking to the comment section of her social media post to thank her for her invaluable guidance.

As yet another cleaning fan added that this had made her think of her own foolproof routine.

She explained: “I love your tips! I have discovered the BEST way – hands down – streak free – no chemicals or cleaners – to clean mirrors and windows. 

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“Norwex envirocloth and window cloth. A little expensive to buy, but they last a long, long time. Once you do this, you’ll never want anything else. Fabulous on car windows too.”

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