Makeup fan changes her entire face shape with contour hack – but everyone’s saying the same thing about her concealer | The Sun

A MAKEUP fan has revealed that she changes the entire shape of her face through contouring.

And although her method is controversial, it’s not the thing that has got everyone talking.

Content creator Tori, who goes by @tkredlemonade on Tik Tok, was swiping liquid concealer across her face.

She contoured horizontally over her nose, above her jawline, down her neck, under her lip and drew corners with the product on her forehead. 

Over the video, she penned: “Me casually changing my whole face shape daily.”

And while some people weighed in on her unusual technique, others spotted something interesting about the product she was using.

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Eagle-eyed viewers believed that she was using a tester bottle of the concealer… meaning she would have stolen it from a shop.

One commented: “On the bottle is written TESTER.

“Girl you stole it?”

A second joked: “Do you change your face shape so people don’t recognise you when you shoplift testers?”

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A third said they were scrolling through Tori’s comments to see if anyone else had picked up on her using a “tester” product.

The confusion came from the sticker on the bottle that reads "eraser" looking very similar to the stickers put on tester makeup products in shops.

Beauty buff Tori was quick to set the record straight.

She uploaded a separate video in response to the questions, showing the bottle through a 360 degree angle.

Tori said: “I had to post this because I was proper embarrassed people thought I stole testers.

“Please clear my name.”

She added that she “didn’t want people to think she’s nasty” after the internet sleuths admitted they wrongly accused her.

Getting round to talking about her unique contouring technique, Tori revealed that blending it out properly was the key step to making it work.

The main thing in question was her horizontal nose contour, with traditional methods of the technique putting the product vertically down the sides of the nose.

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According to fellow beauty gurus, the horizontal technique is good for hiding any nose bumps and adding a sunkissed look to the face.

Tori advised: “Just test out different things and do whatever makes you feel pretty.”

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