Man shares easy way he paints a whole wall in SECONDS & it’s blowing people’s minds

IF YOU watch anything satisfying today, this is going to be it.

A man has left people amazed by painting a whole wall in just 13 seconds.

And not only does he do it insanely fast, it also looks pretty much perfect. 

TikTok user ‘paintzonellc’ uploaded a clip of the man completing the DIY paint job at lightening speed and it’s safe to say we are seriously impressed.

The man starts off with a patchy green wall and uses a roller covered in black paint, in zig-zag strokes.

After just a few seconds, when he has reached the right side of the wall, the man then walks towards the other side of the wall, this time using the roller to brush in a vertical manner to completely coat the wall in paint.

In under 30 seconds, the entire wall was covered in paint.

Many TikTok users were seriously impressed at the highly-satisfying paint skills and expressed this in the comments. 

One person commented: “So perfect.” 

Another said: “Very nice.” 

A third added: “Why was that so satisfying.” 


People also expressed in the comments how shocked they were at his insane speed. 

One person said: “Okay that section would of took me an hour.” 

Another added: “Him: 10 seconds, perfect coat. Me: 5 hours, still splotchy.” 

A third commented: “Not me screaming because it took me 6 hours to paint a room and I don’t think I like the colour.” 

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