McDonald’s lover shows how she uses milkshake lids to make a stylish bun in bizarre hair hack

A MCDONALD’S lover has shown how she uses their milkshake lids to make a stylish bun. 

TikTok user @QuintyMirjam, 23, from the Netherlands, shared the unusual beauty hack online and it has had over 400,000 views. 

Captioning her video “Mcdonalds hair hack”, Quinty showed how she first of all puts her hair in a half ponytail. 

Then she added the fast food chain’s milkshake lid over the ponytail, and pulled her hair through. 

Next, the beauty fan covered the McDonald’s lid with her hair, and used another hair bobble to secure it in place. 

Finally, she arranged her hair around the lid so the bobble was hidden and voila, she created the ultimate messy bun in seconds. 

People were split in their opinions of the hair hack. 

One person praised the budget-friendly style, and said: “Great hair, gotta try this, can’t wait.”

Another said: “Love your idea for this.”

However, one wrote: “Just use a donut lol”, with a fourth commenting: “Hahaha no.”

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