Mrs Hinch cleaning fans reveal their £1 holy grail item to remove stubborn stains from electric hobs

KEEPING your electrical hob streak-free and clean can seem like a never-ending chore.

And if you have burnt on stains they can be difficult to remove.

Luckily, Mrs Hinch fans have revealed the product they swear by to remove burnt food from electrical hobs.

And the best part?

Their go-to product costs as little as £1.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, 32, has long been a fan favourite, with close to 4.5million followers on Instagram.


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The star rose to fame a few years ago with various home hacks and now her fans have even started dedicated cleaning pages on social media.

In one such group, Mrs Hinch Cleaning tips and tricks on Facebook, a member sought advice: “How on earth do I clean my electric hob? Never had one before.”

The post was inundated with advice from fellow cleaning enthusiasts, the Express reports.

Many claimed that for day-to-day cleaning washing up liquid and water was the best option.

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However, for more stubborn stains, group members recommended using the cleaner, Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser.

 One user wrote: “Elbow Grease all the way.”

“Elbow Grease is the best for me," another commented.

A third said: "Elbow Grease and leave it to sit for a bit. You may need a hob scraper.”

Elbow grease can be purchased from Morrisons for as little as £1.

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