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CLEANING guru Mrs Hinch (aka Sophie Hinchliffe) is best known for her gleaming home interiors, and the Instagram sensation regularly lifts the lid on her cleaning secrets.

The 31-year-old influencer opened up on everything from finding the best deals in Home Bargains to which areas she thinks most people forget to clean while promoting her Rose Wonderland limited edition laundry collection with Bold and Lenor.

Sharing her top cleaning tips exclusively with Fabulous, Mrs Hinch said people usually forget to clean little things we often touch.

She said: "I think things that are easily forgotten like remote controls, light switches and door handles.

"Things that we touch several times a day, every single day, but we don’t necessarily think to give them a good wipe over!

"I love spraying disinfectant onto a cloth and giving these a good going over regularly to get rid of any germs."

What's more, Mrs Hinch's home might look spotless but she says she doesn't spend much time labouring over her ironing.

Instead, the savvy mum, whose sparkling clean home has drawn an audience of 4.1 million Instagram followers, keeps clothes crease-free with clever products.

She said; "I find the key to keeping clothes as crease free as possible is to make sure I take them out of the washing machine as soon as the cycle is done, and hang them up straight away, be that on the line or hangers or on the clothes airer that I like to use."

She confessed to using her steamer on bedding once on the bed – or buying seersucker covers so that she doesn't have to bother ironing at all.

Mrs Hinch added: "I like to spray our clothes with Lenor Crease Releaser as soon as they’ve been hung up and I have an amazing Steam Genie for those stubborn creases that won’t budge."

The down-to-earth Instagram star might have her own cleaning ranges and a book, but she still loves to shop in Home Bargains.

Now, Mrs Hinch has shared her top tips for shopping in the popular bargain store.

She said: "Always keep your eyes peeled when you’re walking around Home Bargains because you just never know what lovely pieces you’re going to find.

"Something catches my eye every time I’m in there! And make sure you always check the bottom of the shelves! I’ve found some of my best bargains hiding there! "

The bargain-loving influencer also confessed she can't resist buying low-cost clothes online.

"My eBayer dresses are my favourite fashion bargain for sure," she said.

"As soon as I see ones that I like, I tend to get them in a few colours because they’re so amazing! And such a good price too!"

"I love shopping at online stores like Pretty Little Thing and Missguided. I also love Tesco.

"I pick up so many of my bargain dresses there . You just can’t knock the prices."

Mrs Hinch’s top laundry tips

1. #PodThrowPourAndGo – This means putting your laundry pod in first, throw in scent boosters, pour in fabric conditioner and turn the machine on. You should always put the laundry pod into the empty washing machine drum before your clothes or sheets, because the machine fills up with water from the bottom, allowing your pod to dissolve properly and not over your clothes.

2. Lenor Tumble Dryer Sheets help protect clothes from creasing and static cling, but also from the loss of freshness from the heat of the dryer, but the other hacks you can use them for make these a must have! Pop one in your gym bag, suitcase or dirty laundry basket to keep everything smelling fresh. Add one into the cabinet you keep your towels in and you’ll be in heaven after your shower.


3. Don’t overfill your washing machine! You should leave about the size of your fist at the top. That space allows the clothes to move around the drum and the soap to clean your clothes. There’s nothing worse than having to re-wash.

4. For my followers sensitive skin or young kids, I’ve got the laundry dream team for you – Fairy Non Bio Pods and Fairy Snuggly soft fabric conditioner! Fairy Non Bio pods provide a gentle hygienic clean and the Fairy Snuggly Soft Fabric Conditioner smooths down the fibres of your clothes leaving them extra soft next to sensitive skin, while giving them that gentle scent. Ronnie loves it and so do I.

5. Keeping Ronnie safe is always my top priority and it’s no different when it comes to the laundry. The pods pack should always be closed with a ‘click clack’. This makes it hard for little hands to open – it’s even stumped me! Finally, make sure you store your laundry products up high and out of reach of kids.

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Plus, Home Bargains is selling Mrs Hinch's winter editions Lenor product for £2.99.

The two limited edition products, Bold Rose Wonderland All-in-1 PODS (22ct) and Lenor Rose Wonderland Fabric Conditioner (52 washes) are available in Home Bargains stores nationwide. A fresh and crisp scent, infused with cotton blossoms and floral notes with a warm touch of musk, Rose Wonderland has been designed to encapsulate the coziness of wintertime.

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