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M&S shoppers are going wild for a new stylish item – but the best thing about it? It’s only 60p.

People are rushing to M&S stores to get their hands on the brand's new 60p carrier bag.

What was once the iconic green carrier bag has now been given a swanky update.

In a bid to make bringing your own bag to the store more fashionable, M&S have teamed up with the ex-store employee and London-based artist, Yinka Iloria to create a new carrier bag.

The leading artist worked at M&S’ Moorgate store for eight years at the start of his design career.

Inspired by his memories of working at M&S and dreaming up designs on his route home through a local park, Yinka has created a new bold colourful artwork which he says pays tribute to the “dreamer inside all of us”.

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Yinka Ilori, the bag's designer, said: “I have great memories of my time at M&S while trying to set up my own studio.

"My artworks are all about evoking joy and optimism through bold colours – even a carrier bag can do that! If something makes you smile, you’ll want to keep using it again and again."

The new design has been purchased over 10,000 times since it launched, with many shoppers loving the new bag. 

The bag is said to be the brand’s “most stylish and durable” and has been described as the “first of its kind.” 

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It’s available to purchase in-store, and there is going to be a second bag, with a different design that will launch later this year.

Sharry noted how the “new bag [is] more colour and more joyful.”

He explained that it is a “pattern you can’t miss, that everyone will want to be seen with”.

Sharry also explained: “We all need to reuse more and although 80 percent of our customers already bring their own bags when shopping with us, we know how easy it is to forget.

“My artworks are all about evoking joy and optimism through bold colours – even a carrier bag can do that.”

The supermarket has chosen to trial the paper bags over the next 10 months in Maidstone, Hedge End, Bluewater, Kings Road, Hackney, Nottingham, Newcastle, Vanguard, Rochdale and Falkirk stores.

The paper bags can hold 15kg, and have been independently developed and tested to ensure strength and durability. 

If the trial is successful, paper bags could be available in all stores.

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