Mum and daughter with 22 years between them look just like sisters – so can you tell who's who?

SOME people are blessed with age-defying genes, but this mother-daughter duo look so similar people often mix them up.

No, you aren’t seeing double – these really are a mum and her daughter.

Veronika Zolotova surprised her TikTok followers when she showed off her incredibly youthful mum.

The pair, from Minsk, Belarus, shocked viewers with their near identical looks – but can you tell the difference?

Revealing that there are only 22 years between the two, you could be easily confused to think that they are both 18 years old.

Dressed in baby blue and pink loungewear the duo look like sisters, not mum and daughter.

Veronika revealed in a second video that her mum is only 40 years old – just 22 years older than her.

The videos sent her fans wild in the comments, with many not believing how young Veronika’s mum looked.

One commented: “Her mom literally just said copy and paste.”

Another wrote: “No no she’s your sister.”

A third said: “Now I understand why you look so young, gurlssss you look like sisters.”

Just to prove to her followers that her mum is definitely not her twin, Veronika tested out an “Under age of 25” test – where a high-pitch noise plays, which supposedly anyone over the age of 25 can’t hear.

The video has amassed over a whopping 13.1million views and over 1.5million likes.

Veronika’s fans continue to be in disbelief over the age of her mums – some people are lucky to have youthful looks.

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