Mum-of-22 Sue Radford feels ‘so much happier’ as Britain’s biggest family get security camera after break in attempt

MUM-OF-22 Sue Radford has revealed the family have installed a security camera, following an attempted break in over the summer.

Sue, 45, who's head of Britain's biggest family, said she "feels so much happier" to have the security measure in place.

Back in July, Sue revealed the family dog Lola had alerted them to the midnight burglary.

Moments later, mum-of-one Millie, 19, who was heavily pregnant at the time, rang dad Noel to say: "I think someone's outside my bedroom" in the basement.

Posting on her Instagram stories yesterday evening, Sue said: "Finally got round having the security system fitted #youarebeingwatched.

"Feel so much happier now this has been fitted."

Sue also shared a message from a concerned fan, which said: "If you ever move house, pls dont show the exterior on social media. It'll be so much safer".

Sue added: "For the past few months I'm no going to lie I've wanted to move – for lots of reason that I'm not sure I'm going to share yet but for now I'm hoping this will help".

The Radfords live in a 10-bed former care home in Morecambe, Lancs, which regularly features in videos on the family's YouTube channel.

Yesterday, Sue revealed the huge mound of presents she had given son Casper for his eighth birthday.

While the Radfords shared their thrifty food tips, from 30p meals to bargain buys for a family of 22.

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