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A MUM-of-two was left shocked when the paddling pool she bought for her children turned out to be so small they could only stand in it.

Claire Senior, 40, tried to surprise her sun-loving children with a jumbo-sized paddling pool to cool off in – but was amazed with what she unwrapped.

Upon opening the pool, which Claire believed to be a ‘normal’ paddling pool size, she was surprised to find the pool was the size of her shoe.

Despite the panic of not having a pool for summer setting in, Claire found herself in hysterics over the tiny toy – which fit into her bin with ease.

Luckily the personal trainer was able to save the day and find a pool for the children later that day, and ensured that she checked the dimensions on the box.

Claire, from Leeds, said: “Our other pool at home had broken and I knew that the children would want to play in it in the garden over the summer.

“So I went out on a search for a pool and one of the shops on my high-street had this pool in, so I grabbed it and thought nothing of it.

“It said on the packaging that it was a paddling pool and it gave me the dimensions, but I honestly just didn’t think to look into it.

“I assumed it would be a ‘normal’ paddling pool size – until I opened the package.

“It’s now in the bin and luckily I managed to find the kids another pool that wasn’t pocked-sized!”

Despite Claire thinking the pricing of the pool was too good to be true, she still didn’t suspect it would be so tiny.

However now she claims her mistakes were obvious, and vouches to always check the packaging in future.

She said: “I think it only cost £1 for the pool, so I should have known it was too good to be true and would be rubbish!

“When I saw the pool I thought it was hilarious, but the kids were really upset because they couldn’t play in it so I had to find another one.

“Luckily whilst I was searching for a new one I bumped into a friend who had seen the photo of the pool on social media, so helped me make sure the dimensions were perfect.

“Now the tiny pool is in the bin and the kids have their pool to play in while the weather is hot.

“And now I know to make sure I always check the packaging!”


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