Mum praised for tumble dryer sheet hack to make her home always smell nice | The Sun

A MUM has revealed her genius hack which uses a tumble dryer sheet to make her home always smell nice.

Katie, a Mrs Hinch fan from Bristol, shared the hack on TikTok, where she has attracted 238 followers with her expert "cleaning motivation" advice.

She said: "These are just a few of my own uses of tumble dryer sheets to keep my house smelling nice and fresh.

"Go ahead and try them, you won't be disappointed."

The mum recommends using Lenor's Sparkling Bloom & Yellow Poppy tumble dryer sheets, which are available in packs of 34 for £2 from Asda.

Katie showed how she throws a sheet into her tumble dryer to "make my washing smell amazing".

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She also uses them to wipe down her furniture and TV for dust, making her house smell like a meadow in spring time.

Another hack is to stuff sheets inside your cushions and pillows.

Katie added: "Put them under your sofa to keep it smelling fresh.

"I absolutely love this by Lenor, this definitely has to be my favourite scent."

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It comes after a mum revealed how it only takes her a few minutes to make her house smell amazing for hours.

Katie Lynn showed fans how she simmers rosemary sprigs, vanilla extract, peppercorns and a lemon until all domestic odours are banished.

Another mum revealed how she uses a boozy homemade potion to stop her dog stinking up her Leicesteshire home.

Emily mixes water, fabric softener, vodka and baking soda before spraying the concoction all over her house.

A Sun poll found that lighting a scented candle is the most popular way of making your home smell fresh, followed by opening windows and buying air freshener.

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