Mum proudly shows off the easy lunch she's whipped up for her children – but there's a part which horrifies people | The Sun

A MUM has left social media users totally divided after sharing a recipe for the egg salad she had whipped up for her kids.

Parent Joanna, believed to be from the US, took to TikTok to share the dish, which was soon brutally slammed by social media users.

According to the mum, the lunch consisted of an egg salad, the recipe of which included boiled eggs, as well as some mayonnaise.

The first step, she demonstrated in the video, was smashing the eggs with a potato in a bowl.

Once done, Joanna, who posts under the username @joannamiss, chucked in the second, and final, ingredient – a large dollop of mayo.

''This is just for my kids, not for me, so we are just gonna use tonnes of mayo – just the way they like it,'' Joanna explained.

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After giving the easy salad a taste test, the mum was all chuffed with it, saying the dish had come out ''good''.

To serve it, the cooking enthusiast placed it onto slices of bread and filled them up with the eggy goodness.

Along with the egg salad sandwiches, Joanna also added yoghurt bowls with fresh strawberries and blueberries, carrots, as well as a banana ''treat'' with creamy peanut butter.

''Making my kids lunch at home! Summer break edition!''

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But whilst Joanna and her kids may have been impressed and happy with the dish, the reaction online was slightly different.

More than 1.7k people raced to comments in sheer horror, as many were mortified by one aspect in particular – the lack of seasoning.


One demanded: ''Salt. Pepper. Something.''

Someone else agreed, writing: ''I would’ve put a little bit of seasoning on those eggs.''

Another wondered: ''Have you tried putting anything else in it? Salt and pepper? Or anything like pickles or celery?''

''Hear me out, pickle relish, mayo, and a little bit of mustard would set that off!'' a fellow foodie suggested.

Luckily, it wasn't all negative, as heaps of people also praised Joanna, with one writing: ''such a good mom THE AMMOUNT of effort put into this [sic].''

After being slammed for her easy lunch idea, Joanna hit back at the trolls.

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To anyone moaning about the lack of taste in the salad, the mum explained her kids ''would hate'' if she added anything else in the mixture.

''People like to hate haah and good thing I don’t care,'' she added.

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