Mum-to-be shares strict rules for when her baby’s born – from no kisses or kids allowed to visit

NEW mum Camille Munday has set some strict rules for those wanting to visit her new-born baby.

Sharing a video of her heavily pregnant self to Tiktok the expecting mum shared what her boundaries would be once her baby had arrived.

Dancing along in her kitchen, Camille wrote: "Things I wont allow once my new-born is here."

Posting as @camille_munday , her first rule was no 'Kids visiting for the first couple weeks.'

Camille banned anyone from: "Kissing my new born."


She also out ruled: "Posting pics before I do."

She has 1.3 million followers on Tiktok, many of which gave their view on her 'rules', as many were concerned she included her step-children when she said she didn't want kids visiting her newborn.

One commented: "My mum posted about our daughter before my husband or I got a chance to. Its 2.5 years later and I'm still upset about it.

Another admitted that things can change as they said: "I had so many rules with my first and then none with my second.

Many were empathetic to her wishes and said Camille's rules were 'so understandable' or 'all reasonable'

One could not hold back and said: "YES MAMA! Your baby, your rules."

Many agreed with the kissing rule as it is an easy way of spreading RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), Covid-19 and as she is having a winter baby, flu season so she is keen to keep her baby protected.

Camille is due to be induced to give birth on December 7.

She married her husband, Samuel on August 9 last year.

She cares for his two children from a former marriage and shares her guide to being a step-parent on Tiktok.

In another dancing Tiktok, she wrote:"As a step mom I need to help set boundaries in our home"

"So we do the 1-2-3 magic method."

"Once they get to 3 they go to time out or we give them a natural consequence."

She step-parents Samuel's young son and daughter, so has some parenting experience under her belt.

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