Mum uses an upside down £25 IKEA laundry basket to create a stylish rattan coffee table

FANCY giving your living room a summer revamp? All it takes is a new piece of furniture.

Now a clever mum has revealed how she created a chic designer-style coffee table – just by using a laundry basket.

Michelle Rhodes – from Brisbane, Australia – revealed her handy homeware hack on her Instagram page.

Alongside a photo of the finished table, she wrote: "One of the hardest things to find in most stores is a natural coffee table. So again I got to thinking and looked around my house for some inspo!

"I really do have way too many baskets and thought about a past hack of mine where I turned a laundry hamper upside down to make a side table.

"So I turned the IKEA basket I had upside down but the handles were in the way! I loved the look of it and it was a decent size for a small coffee table – so off went the handles!"

Michelle then used the top of an old side table to complete the look.

Despite Michelle being in Australia, the exact laundry basket she used is available here in the UK.

It's from IKEA, and costs just £25.

We definitely know where we're heading this weekend.

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