Mum uses CLING FILM to get her grimy oven sparkling clean & swears it cuts down on scrubbing too

THERE'S nothing more soul-destroying than spending an entire afternoon scrubbing away at a grimy oven.

Now one mum has revealed a handy trick to get it sparkling clean much faster – and all you need is a roll of cling film.

In a post on the Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, an Australian woman called Lucy shared how she uses Glad Wrap, which is a type of cling film – but you can use any brand.

The mum explained how she coats the inside of the oven with cleaning spray, and then covers it with cling film before leaving it to soak in.

Captioning images, she wrote: "I've been putting this job off for months…got a tip from Instagram to layer Glad Wrap on top of your cleaner so it doesn't dry out.

"So clever! Just used Easy-off Bam Spray Foam, Glad Wrap and left on for a good six hours."

Lucy said she removes each oven rack before spraying the inside.

She noted that the trick is to press down firmly to stop air entering that could dry it out.

The woman added: "Then wait, wait, wait, then put all the Glad Wrap in the bin, fill your sink with hot water and detergent and get wiping!

"No scrubbing, just wiping with my Scrub Daddy sponge and then a microfibre cloth.

"Took lots of wiping just to clean off all the grime and cleaner."

Her post was popular with fellow mums.

One wrote: "Best and easiest hack ever."

Another commented: "Be right back – cleaning oven."

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