Mum who lives in a one-bed flat turns CUPBOARD into a bedroom for her toddler but some moan she’s putting him at risk

A PROUD mum who lives in a one-bedroom flat turned a cupboard into a bedroom for her toddler, but some people reckoned it was dangerous. 

Sofie King didn’t have a spare bedroom for her 19-month-old son, so she improvised and took the door off a large cupboard. 

Sofie turned the space into a bedroom over lockdown, spending £125 on the entire project. 

The mum was chuffed to bits with the outcome, as she shared a video of her son, Mason, happily playing in his Toy Story-themed room. 

Sofie shared her space-saving makeover to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, saying: Just wanted to share my lockdown project!

“We live in a 1 bedroom flat, and have this space which is a CUPBOARD! 

“I know it’s small, so I took off the door, but he’s comfy sleeping in there! (mummy & daddy’s room is right next door).

“He’s 19 months and so independent! Everything in this room has been given or gifted for us! 

“We managed to COMPLETE this bedroom for a grand total of £125!!!! EVERYTHING INCLUDED!

“It’s not PERFECT, but it’s exactly what we wanted! Any ideas or suggestions on cool Toy Story themed/inspired decor welcome!

“Pls no negative Karen’s on this post! I’m really proud of myself.” 

And explaining how storage works, Sofie added: “We’ve kept his clothes and his drawers in my bedroom because it’s a big one bedroom! 

“All the shelves were there when we moved in, we took the bottom one out! 

“We’re so lucky to have this space!”

She told Fabulous Digital: "The carpet was brand new/second hand from mums old house and me and mum painted the bedroom with some blue Dulux we found on Poundshop online"

Despite her amazing makeover using the space she had, one mum hit out at the bedroom, claiming it was ‘dangerous’. 

She wrote: “How you can call someone a 'karen' for having common sense I don't know.

“Let's hope the poor sod don't bang his head or nothing falls on him.

“So dangerous.”

Sofie clapped back at the troll, writing: “Thank you so much for the lovely feedback! My little boy really does love it! It’s helped with lockdown too! 

“But for the Karen that decided to comment on the shelves above the bed, yes they’re low shelves. 

“Yes I’m cautious of them, yes I will be taking the bottom one out soon, but for now, it’s okay. 

“Because I said it is, but thank you for your false concern.” 

Hundreds of people liked Sofie’s post and defended her against the haters, claiming children often slept in similar spaces when they were younger.

One mum said: “I did the same to a cupboard when my eldest son was a baby. It looks lovely.” 

Another wrote: “I was going to say the same about sleeping in the drawer. 

“This looks perfect as you have to make the most of what you have at the time, looks lovely.”

While a third commented: “Who ever whined about the shelf, it’s no different to having bunk beds and kids adapt. 

“Back in my day some kids had drawers as beds. Or they were top and toe’d. He’s a very lucky little man. You’ve done an awesome job.” 

While this mum added: “You should be proud that you have created a magical space for you little one… 

“F*** the horrible b****** that clearly has a hateful & dark life/soul!!! Hold your head high sweetheart & well done!!!”

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