Mums are filling their freezers with cut-price meat with one scoring pigs in blankets for 25p – here’s how you can too

THE BOXING Day sales are here and while some of us are out nabbing reduced makeup and clothing, others are stocking up on the all-important pigs in blankets.

Some thrifty mums have been sharing their bargain finds on meat products today as supermarkets slash some of their prices.

Posting on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one woman shared her bargain haul made up of sausage meat, garlic bread and pigs in blankets – each item with an orange, reduced label on it.

"Should have been £52. 11 x sausage meat (2 for £5) 3 x garlic bread (£2.20) 6 x pigs in blankets (2 for £6)."

"Knew there was a plus to me having to go to work today", she said.

A second bargain lover shared a picture of several shelves in her local Sainsbury's stacked with whole Christmas turkeys – reduced from £26 each to a meagre £6.50.

That's not all as Morrisons has also massively reduced the price of its "roast in the bag" turkeys, which one shopper found for a cheap £4.48.

What's more, Tesco's Bernard Matthews turkeys are also available for just a fiver the day after Christmas.

Another shopper shared her finds in Facebook group Yellow sticker family cooking after she found pigs in blankets for 25p and beef mince for £50p.

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Plus one mum said all she'd be giving her kids this Christmas is cardboard boxes and says that they can use their imagination.

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