My Amazon must-have is great for preventing sweaty boobs in the summer – it's 'goated' for preventing 'swoob marks' | The Sun

A SUMMER-READY woman has revealed her must have product for preventing sweat marks.

She said her Holy Grail purchase from Amazon keeps her boobs from getting too sweaty.

Alyson Boekholder (@alyboeks) shared the product in a video posted to TikTok.

"It's summer and it's hot and it's so sweaty and everyone knows it. Don't try to deny it, OK?

"I don't care if you're like, clean girl aesthetic, you still sweat. OK?

"And when your sweaty boob, your 'swoob' starts to occur. Or your 'swa**' or like, inner thigh sweat, you get the point.

"OK, whatever assets you've got, were flaunting them still. Okay, we're not afraid because you're going to put this on first," she said.

She showed a bottle of Certain Dri, retailing for $8.99 on Amazon.

"Literally can get it on Amazon," she said.

She specified why her go-to antiperspirant stands out from the rest.

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"It's called Certain Dri, and it's like prescription strength antiperspirant," she said.

She instructed viewers how to use the super strong product for combatting sweat.

"You just roll it on, let it dry, put whatever clothes on, go by your day," she said.

She warned viewers not to make a habit of using it every day due to the strength of the ingredients.

"But, killer, OK?" she added. "Don't use it everyday. It's not safe."

She restated her love for the product, calling it the greatest of all time despite the risks.

"This stuff is goated for real," she said. "But actually don't use it everyday. It's a little too intense for that, OK?"

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