My boyfriend dumped me over my ‘inappropriate’ Halloween costume so I tried to fix the problem and made it even worse | The Sun

HALLOWEEN is usually a fun excuse to dress up and have fun.

But one woman ended the night as a singleton after her boyfriend dumped her over the 'inappropriate' costume she wore.

Pia Blossom explained on her TikTok account @pisblossom_x that she was excited to wear the racy costume out to a club, but her boyfriend was less than pleased.

The 25-year-old donned a 'dead Playboy Bunny' costume on a night out with her mates and loved the look.

“My very new boyfriend was angling for an invite on this night out, but I was only going out with two girls,” she explained.

She continued: “I ignored his hints because it would have just been weird, but when I posted [the costume] on my Instagram before going out, he text me saying, ‘Are you actually wearing that outside? I can see your whole arse.’”

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Her boyfriend even asked her to change from tights into leggings, but Pia thought it would ruin the costume so ignored him and went to enjoy her night.

Once she was at the club, Pia met a man dressed as a giant egg costume and told him how much she loved his costume – so they decided to swap.

“I literally put the egg costume on over the top and took my leotard out from underneath,” Pia said.

“I mistakenly thought that my boyfriend would love this because now I have no boobs and no bum"

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But after sharing a snap of her new costume on Instagram she was inundated with calls from her boyfriend.

Pia thought he'd appreciate the outfit change, since he wasn't a fan of the racy bunny costume she originally had on – but he was furious.

She explained that he went “psycho” over the phone and was convinced she'd slept with another man to get the new costume.

“I did not sleep with the man for the egg costume, it was a very even trade,” she said.

“I hung up, turned my phone off, carried on with my night out with my friends and never saw him again.”

But her boyfriend didn't believe her story and went on to tell mutual friends that he dumped her because she cheated on the night out.

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