My breast milk began leaking from my armpit when I was feeding my baby – and it’s not as uncommon as you think

A MUM has revealed how she was shocked to discover that breast milk was leaking from her armpit while she was feeding her baby.

TikTok user Lindsay White has shared in a viral post how she was left convinced she had a third nipple.

In the video, the woman – who has 142,000 followers – said: "This is going to blow your mind, but did you know that you can leak breastmilk from places other than your boobs like…your armpit?

"One day I was feeding Allie and realised her hair was soaking wet. Then I realised it was coming from my ampit.

"I thought I was just really sweaty but then I noticed this huge lump."

She continued: "So I squeezed it and milk squirted out. So I went to the doctors thinking maybe I had a third nipple.

So I squeezed it and milk squirted out

"But she said 'nope, your milk line actually runs all the way up through your armpits'. Wow!"

The clip, which has been viewed more than 4.7 million times has received over 611,000 'likes'.

One person wrote: "What!!!!!!!!!"

Another commented: "I never knew this, kind of cool though."

That happened in my first pregnancy, I was totally freaked

A third shared: "Yep that's it!!! I'm not ever having kids!!!"

And a fourth added: "That happened in my first pregnancy, I was totally freaked."

In a follow-up video, the mum explained that with her daughter she only leaked out of one spot.

However, when she had her son, Koda, she started leaking on both sides.

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