My dad kicked me out when I got pregnant at 19 & refused to give the baby up for adoption – he called my man a 'scumbag'

A PREGNANT teenager was heartlessly kicked out of the house aged 19 by her dad after refusing to give the baby up for adoption.

The young woman was given an ultimatum by her father to leave her “scumbag” boyfriend, or stop living under his roof.

The shocking incident was shared online by the dad himself, who took to Reddit’s 'Am I The A**hole' thread to ask people’s opinions.

The dad explained: “My daughter recently told me and my wife that she's pregnant and apparently she's been hiding it for three months.

“The boyfriend is a scumbag who I thought she left after I gave her an ultimatum to either leave him or leave my house, to which she chose the latter or at least I thought she did.

“She started sobbing and telling us how sorry she was and that it was just a big mistake. 

“I told her the only way she can stay in our house is if she gave the baby up for adoption, because we won't allow it to ruin her life.

“She just kept pleading to us that she'll take care of it, but I had a very hard time believing her after I just found out she's been lying to me for months and going behind my back to see her boyfriend.”

The dad said his daughter refused to give the baby up, so he kicked her out and she moved in with a friend.

He continued: “My wife has been incredibly sad and is now telling me what I did was wrong.

"It wasn't an easy decision for me to make, but I couldn't allow her to walk away without any consequences.

“At her age I was already taking care of myself so I don't look at it the same way others might. 

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“Is it really wrong for me to kick my adult daughter out of my house after she lied to me? I'm willing to see if I've taken things too far.”

Many people said that he was definitely in the wrong for being so harsh with his daughter. 

One said: “How is kicking her out when she is pregnant, vulnerable and in need of stability and love going to help? Yeah, not great parenting I would say.”


Another agreed, commented: “It's funny because he says he doesn't want her to have the baby because he won't let ruin her life, except he did just that by throwing her out.

“Don't you think having to raise a baby at 19 is consequence enough. What kind of person are you that you can kick her when she's down? She's your daughter for God's sake.. have some compassion.”

However some offered some words of support, with one saying: “Going against the grain to say everyone sucks here (except your wife).

Is it really wrong for me to kick my adult daughter out of my house after she lied to me?

“Yeah – you absolutely shouldn't have kicked her out, that will do nothing except permanently sever your relationship with her.

“However- getting pregnant and hiding it isn't really the action of someone who is adult enough to own her own mistakes.”

Another added: “Her mistake, her decision, her consequences. This is reality and it has finally bit her.”

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