My DIY 'terracotta heater' warms your home without using electricity or gas, I light it an hour before bed to save money | The Sun

HEATING your home throughout the winter months can be a costly necessity.

A homeowner showed her followers the DIY hack she uses to keep her space warm.

In her video, the TikTok user, who goes by Lo Brand Sit (@lobrandsit), explained: "I’m going to show you guys how to make this terracotta pot heater.

"[It] is perfect for your bedroom or a small space in the winter to stay warm without having to use any electricity."

She added: "We all know that the price of gas is going up so this is a great alternative to burning that oil and having a little bit more control over what rooms you’re heating."

For her first step, the DIY enthusiast placed a cooking sheet on the floor of the room she wanted to heat.

She then placed two dollar store candles in the center of the plate and bordered them with two blocks.

"The bricks are just there to build up a little bit of space so that the air can get underneath to then put this terracotta pot on top of," she explained.

She balanced the small terracotta pot upside down on the two bricks, over the lit candles.

"You want to plug that hole up with some aluminum foil or something so that the heat isn’t escaping," she told viewers.

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For her final step, she placed a larger terracotta pot over the homemade heater.

She explained: "The idea behind that is that the candles will actually heat up that terracotta pot and then when you put the larger one on top the heat will vent around it.

"You want to make sure that it’s lined up so that everything is centered, when you peak down in the top hole you should see the tinfoil in the middle."

"The heat is going to blast straight out that hole," she told her followers.

The homeowner recommended lighting it for an hour before you go to sleep to help reduce your energy bills overnight.

For safety reasons, always blow exposed flames out before going to bed.

Another TikToker shared the $9 Lowe's item she used to save on her heating bills.

Homeowners have been rushing to their local Walmart stores to buy a $7 product that keeps you warm without turning on your heating.

One woman revealed her top five hacks for staying warm without putting on your heating.

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