My hack is great for dogs who hate having their nails trimmed – it's made life so much easier, I wish I knew it earlier | The Sun

A DOG lover exasperated by attempts to trim her dog's nails has found the perfect solution.

Her only regret is she wished she had known about it much sooner because it would have made her life so much easier.

Julia Edwards (@juliaedwards____), had certainly been through the wringer when it came to cutting her pooch's talons.

“If someone had told me about this earlier, we could have avoided two split nail surgeries and a hundred wrestling matches," she said wearingly.

This TikToker, who has 161,000 followers, shared her revelation.

“If your dog hates having their nails trimmed, let me share a little hack with you that I wish someone had told me about earlier.

“It has made life so much easier," she wrote.

First, she demonstrated the behavior of her dog, Hudson, when it was time for nail clipping time – he was one reluctant mutt.

“He won't let me go anywhere near his paws," said Julia and illustrated, by way of a photo, the dangers of unclipped nails.

“Your dog’s claws cannot touch the ground like this because then the nail can split and it’s really painful."

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Imagine her relief to find a device, recommended by her vet, that did the job for her

“It’s called the Dig a Dog Nail File," she said. It’s got this rough metal surface on the top and a little compartment to put in treats.

“All you have to do is get your dog to scratch the top of the box and then give them a treat as a reward.

“It is so efficient and it is actually really fun for the dog."

But it wasn't cheap. It retailed on Amazon for $149.

One commenter came up with their cheaper alternative.

“[Get] sandpaper and a clipboard and just hold the clipboard with the sandpaper over the treat and prompt them.”

But there was already a convert to Julia's suggestion: “It works great for my dog's front paws. Still need help with the back. I have a mastiff.”

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