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A US woman has revealed she's dating a mummy's boy after seeing her 42-year-old boyfriend still has his mum do his laundry and sort the bills.

Theous and Tia, both 42, have been together for over ten years and are ready to get tie the knot.

However, there's one thing getting in the way – Theous' mum, with whom he has a very close relationship with.

The two appeared on the TLC show, I Love a Mama's Boy, which airs tonight at 9pm, and shared their story.

''I met Tia at a birthday party. I was outside talking to another young lady and when she came out, I hauled a** and followed Tia.''

There, they exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone ''the entire ride home'', immediately hitting it off.

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''It was like we knew each other for a long time,'' Tia says.

Both have children from previous relationships and having spent so much of their lives together, Thous and Tia have been seriously considering getting married.

''When you've been together for that long, what you been waiting for?''

And Tia believes she knows what – or who – has been holding the two back.

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It's Theous' mum, 69, whom he describes her as his best friend, his ''ride or die'' and the travel buddy.

''Me and my mum, we laugh a lot together.

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''We gamble together, talk trash, party, everything.''

But it's not just quality time – Theous' mum, Carolyn, seems to be doing just about anything for her son, from doing his laundry and folding his clothes to even sorting his mail and bills.

''I make sure he takes care of his bills. When he gets tickets, I have to make sure they're paid.

''Sometimes I feel like an administrative assistant,'' she chuckles.

''Being the age that we are, I think that a lot of the stuff she's doing, he should be doing for himself,'' Tia disagrees.

With the mum being around a lot, the girlfriend reveals she feels as if she's in the way in her own house.

''You can't just come in and run as if it's your house.

''Carolyn does get on my nerves sometimes,'' Tia adds.

''For this relationship to work, I have to see that he has my back.

''If he wants to get married, I need for him to learn how to tell his mum 'no' sometimes.''

But as much as Tia might wish for the mother-son close relationship to not be so dependant on each other, her dreams might never come true, especially as the two meet up at least three times a week.

Whether it's shopping, visiting a physiotherapist to help the mum recover from her knee replacement surgery or popping down for a meal, Theous and Carolyn spend a lot of time together.

When eating, the mum will even cut his food and mix it together, so there's less work for her 42-year-old ''baby''.

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''Anything for my son. Anything for my baby boy.''

We will found out the rest of the story in the next episode.

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