Nan’s brutal reaction to daughter’s ‘messy dinner’ has people in stitches – and she’s a real potty mouth | The Sun

HAVE you ever heard of the dinner dump trend?

Users on Tiktok have been testing out the trend with the kids to make dinner more interesting. 

But one video has gone viral after a daughter tried the trend on her mother.

Nanci didn’t tell her mother that she was attempting the dinner dump trend.

In the video online, ‘bad granny’ was confused before the meal was even served.

She said: “What the f**k is saran wrap here for?”

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The table was completely covered in cling film. 

Nanci replied:  “Oh we’re just having pasta for dinner. I don't wanna mess the table cloth.

Nanci asked: “You ready for dinner?”

Granny said: “Yeah I’m starving. Want me to set the table?”

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Her daughter replied “No”.

Nanci officially started off the trend by laying bread on the table.

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Granny was confused but it wasn’t until her daughter poured cooked spaghetti on the table that she said something.

She said: “What the f**k? Don’t you believe in bowls? The f**k?”

Next Nanci added cooked spinach to the pile of pasta.

Granny said: “Oh my god! Are you serious? What the f**k?”

Next Nanci added cooked sausages to the pile.

To which Granny responded with: “Oh you’re a real low life. This is ridiculous.”

Nanci then poured a green pasta sauce over the pile of food.

Granny said: “Are you f***ing serious? Since when?”

Her daughter topped the pile of food off with cheese. 

Granny said: “Oh this is ridiculous. Oh my god!”

A few minutes later we see Granny eating the food.

It looks like Grandma was a fan of the trend as she decided to use a a bowl and fork.

She said: “This was an eating experience. What happened to my bowl and fork?”

She continued: “I can’t believe this. Where did you learn this from? Not from me.”

The bad granny video gained over 6.2 million views. 

Viewers were left rolling with the grandma’s response to the trend.

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One commenter said: “Yalllll be stressing her outtttt.”

Another said: “This granny speaks my language.”

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